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High-quality, multipurpose Smart Base hybrid bases are the first step in prepping a manicure for both hybrid varnish and gel. They may also be used for levelling and building up the nail plate.

Capacity: 14 ml

Smart Base Sweet Blush 14ml

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  • Product Information

    A good choice when you're undecided on a particular colour. A hint of warm pink dipped in a milky hybrid. 


    A flawless C-curve may be achieved by levelling, strengthening and building up the nail plate using the Smart Base series of hybrid bases. These are very strong and flexible product that self-levels flawlessly and make manicures quickly and easily. The Smart Base line includes natural tones that may be flawlessly designed and beautifully shaded in an instant by just applying a top coat.


    Product features:

    • flexible
    • self-leveling
    • easy to apply
    • rapid
    • thick consistency
    • overbuild and levelling of the nail plate 


    The hybrid base line Smart Base was developed to provide an innovative method to nail construction and strengthening. However, these Smart Bases, have a lot more uses. They work perfectly as bases in the gel process as well as under hybrid styles.


    The Smart Base Crystal Clear is your best option for problematic nails. Because of its great flexibility and lack of pigment, the Crystal Clear base adheres to surfaces considerably better.


    All of the Smart line's goods are hybrids, and because of their qualities, the nails may be strengthened, evened out, and made more durable. Because of their self-leveling qualities, they spread flawlessly on the nail plate while adding a gorgeous colour to the nails.


    We have considered every aspect of the hybrids in the Smart Base collection and made sure to offer a wide range of colours are available. Therefore, they can be used as a stand-alone hybrid colour as a result. The colour scheme ranges from beige and milky-pink hues to soft hues with glitter, refined silver or gold particles.


    Because of their broad range of applications, Smart Base products are suggested for use by all stylists, those that prefer hybrid styles or those who prefer to use gels. You will be able to provide a variety of services and cater for each client's request and nail plate.


    Discover the magic of the Smart Base Eclair hybrid polishes!